How can I provide special instructions for my order (eg, I have a tricky driveway to access or “please no plastic!”)?

Easy peasy! We have added a ‘notes’ section to the checkout process, which allows you to make a note with your order. 

If you are an existing Crunch customer with a recurring order, and would like to add a note to your account, please contact us via email at crunchproduce@gmail.com.

Can I request a preference for how “ripe” I’d like my produce?

You sure can! There’s nothing worse than receiving an online delivery only to discover that 5 of the 6 proteins you purchased expire tomorrow – sooo annoying.  We don’t want to do that to you, so please indicate your “ripeness” preference in the “notes” section at checkout.  

What kind of packaging do you use?

Boxes.  Pre-Covid we provided large re-useable bags to transport and deliver your produce, which we would then collect from you the following week.  When Covid hit Brisbane, we made a decision for health and safety reasons to use cardboard boxes as the new coronavirus was reported as being less stable on cardboard than plastic. Rest assured the boxes aren’t newbies – they’re all enjoying their second home with you.   However, if you’d like us to remove them, please leave them out for us and we will collect when we drop off your next order. 

Plastic Bags.  Whilst we only use biodegradable bags for your produce, we totally hear you when you say you don’t need a bag for a few items.  There’s a complicated reason for why we do this, which involves how we process your order, but we hear you and we are working on changing this.  Until then, we have implemented a new ‘notes’ section on our website which will enable you to make a note that you would like minimal packaging. Unfortunately some items (eg cucumbers) are wrapped in plastic when we purchase them, but in the event we are able to purchase items without plastic we most definitely will. 

Can I purchase smaller or half-sized f+v produce?

What makes us different from a lot of other F and V businesses is that we are a boutique business - we buy to order and we don’t hold stock.  This means that if you would like half a watermelon or half a cauliflower, unless someone else also orders half a watermelon, it will be wasted.   Saying that, please feel free to use the ‘notes’ section at checkout to indicate size preferences (eg small cauliflower or small cucumber) and although we can't guarantee it, we will do our best to accommodate you.  

Some of your produce is more expensive than the supermarket. Why is that?

Yep, some of our produce is more expensive than the big supermarkets.  We wish it didn't have to be this way but unfortunately the supermarkets have more buying power than we do.  As an example, we often see produce advertised at the major supermarkets for a price that we aren't even able to purchase for wholesale!!!  Saying that, when we can't compete with the supermarkets on price, we make sure our quality is top-notch and where possible that you get MORE than what you pay for. 

We would like to do more of our shopping with you. When will you offer a wider variety of produce and additional items (eg, bread, milk and salad packs)?

Awwww shucks you guys! We would lurve to be able to provide more more more…  If you know of a great product we should stock and/or small business we should connect with please let us know.  Perhaps you've got a hankering for a certain type of rare fruit or veg?  We are currently trialing a few products and vetting new suppliers, but we are always keen to meet other passionate, customer-focused businesses with exemplary products... Send them our way -- crunchproduce@gmail.com.